System Verilog Assertions (SVA) – Types, Usage, Advantages and Important Guidelines!

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There was an article published by SmartPlay Technologies back in 2015 when I was working with them. It has very useful information to understand the usage, advantages, and guidelines about System Verilog Assertions (SVA).

ASICs continue to grow in size and complexities and in this case, traditional verification techniques are not sufficient to achieve verification confidence. In complex designs, debugging simulations is an ever-increasing challenge. To address these challenges assertion-based verification is found. Design and Verification engineers can place assertions in design or bind to design which will be useful to monitor, report and take action when incorrect behavior is detected. Assertions are playing a major role in test bench development which helps to achieve maximum confidence on bug-free design. Moreover, it can be used in simulations as well as in formal verification. It enables engineers to leverage the strength for block level, subsystem level and for chip level verification in order to reduce the overall effort and efficient verification closure. System Verilog Assertions are setting up a viable and effective standard in design and verification. An assertion adds an advantage in the debugging process and makes complex simulation debug easy.

The introduction of SVA added the ability to perform immediate and concurrent assertions for Design as well as for Verification. Assertions are used to validate design whether it is working correctly or not. Assertions can be useful to make sure ‘How good is the test case?’ Furthermore, it provides a means to measure the quality of the verification process through the creation of coverage using cover property feature of System Verilog assertion.
Questions are 

1. What type of System Verilog Assertions we have?
2. Where to put these assertions in our test bench development? 
3. How to implement these assertions?
4. Usage, Advantage
5. What are the important Guidelines for SVA implementation?

To find more details please read this blog post "System Verilog Assertions (SVA) Types, Usage Advantages and Important Guidelines" 


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