USB 3.0 : Future is here, Its time for Super Speed !!

Dear AwA Readers,

Well, its quite common and usual that a common man knows about USB at least by its name! We as an Engineer at least know what is USB devices and how are they being used in our day to day life.

I was working on USB (USB 1.0/2.0) protocol 2-3 years back, during that time people were working on USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 IPs. USB 1.0 was supporting 12Mbps and 1.5 MBps. The original USB1.0 standard was introduced in 1996 and then USB1.0 technology got matured by 1997 and then first widely used version of USB1.1 introduced since then industry was working on USB1.0 technology. In year 2000 USB2.0 was introduce with higher data transfer rate which was 480MBps Since then industry is working on USB2.0 Technology. This is one of the most popular and successful technology I have ever seen. I am not a old guy with years of experience to say but have been hearing the same from many experience technical person !

USB technology/devices are becoming part of individuals life. People are using USB in their daily life and making their data transfer work faster !! When I get started working on USB 2.0 verification, I realized the concept and efficiency of data transfer with higher data transfer rate. Usage is very easy, its plug and play type device for user but its super tough to design/architect its device enumeration/attachment process !!

I was thinking USB 2.0 is amazing and people are use to this technology with all available devices in market. But as we know "Technology keeps on moving and we too" !! Now they have came up with new version of USB which 3.0 (Super Speed) version with super fast data rate up to 5Gbps !!! Don't you think its super fast ? It is !

It means now we can transfer 16 GB data in 53 seconds where USB2.0 technology was taking 8.9 minutes to transfer the same data !! Dont you think its super fast !!

Our history says, In 2006 alone over 2 billion USB devices were shipped and there are over ~8 billion which have been installed today !! This is for USB2.0. Now think of USB3.0 which is just gearing up. Huge scope and bigger space to grow towards this technology which means Future is here !!

Based on my knowledge and USB popularity, I am expecting 1 billion devices to be shipped by 2014!!

Well, I am super excited to see growth on super speed USB business !! I have already started reading USB3.0 protocol excited to see difference over USB2.0 which I know a little bit :)

ASIC With Ankit


Tarak Patel said...

Hey Ankit,

Good Post about USB 3.0. I can smell your excitement for rolling our USB 3.0!
Of course not much technical and targeted to the consumers and not developers.

One important point I would mention here to help consumers,
Having a portable device with USB 3.0 interface is of no use if you do not have Host device (your PC, Laptop, Smart TV, etc.) with USB 3.0.
Connecting USB 3.0 device with USB 2.0 device will work as USB 2.0 only.
Keep it in mind while thinking of upgrading to USB 3.0!

Ankit Gopani said...

Hey Tarak,

Appreciate your comment and you mentioned very good point here:

You are absolutely correct and agree with your points. Since Industry have started launching Host Devices in PCs, Lapptops, Cameras with USB3.0 support, I am very much excited to see its market growth !!

Recently I have read couple of articles, Intel have already announced to suppoert USB3.0 in their upcoming chips, like some companies have already launched their camera devices to support USB3.0. So I am very positive towards this technology.

The beauty is, USB3.0 is downword compatible, so you are always free to use to use any USB devices with your super speed port.

Appriciate your valuable comment! Keep writing...

ASIC With Ankit

arvind said...

HI Tarak

Does anyone know of a TV which actually has a USB 3.0 interface ?


Ankit Gopani said...

Hi Arvind,

As per my understanding, so far none of the electronics company have launched their TVs with USB 3.0 support.

But Nikon has announced, camera with support of USB3.0 on February 2012. You can read the press release by ''

I am sure and expecting more electronics devices with USB3.0 support this year. :)