SONY was started with $190 only, in 1946

Can you believe this.. ? SONY Electronics, Japan based company was started with a seed capital of $190. Today Sony Corporation has a market capitalization value of arounf $41 bilion.

Sony's hystory can be credited to Morita's (Akio Morrita) crearivity and innocative ideas. His ideas gave birth to totally new lifestyles and cultures. In 1949 company developed magnatic tape and 1950 they have sold first tape recorder in Japan. In 1957 they have produced a pocket size radio. Then in 1960 Sony produces first transistor television in the world, In 1979 the walkman was introduced to world making it to worlds first portable music player. In 1984 Sony launches the Discman series which extended their Walkman brand to portable CD products.

How Sony was started ?

After studying Physics in college, Akio joined Japanes army during the World War where he met, masura Ibuka. They formed the company which later know as Sony Corporation.


Karan said...

They were initially against the idea of naming their corp as sony... because 'sonhee' in japanese means a person who loses money!!

Ankit Gopani said...

Hey Karan,

Nice information.. dude... then do you know the history why then they have decided to go with SONY?