My visit to DAC2022 at San Francisco!

Design Automation Conference was held at Moscone Centre in San Francisco from 10 Jul 2022 to 14 Jul 2022. Abiding by COVID safety protocols, it was great to see in-person participation!

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is recognized as the premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems. The conference is devoted to Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Intellectual Property (IP), Embedded Systems and Software (ESS), IoT, Automotive Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Security and Design on Cloud. 

This year, DAC focused a lot on Machine/Deep learning & AI techniques, EDA on cloud and security verification. It was an honor and privilege to share that I will be chairing Front End Design session at 59DAC at San Francisco. Are you attending 59DAC?

As demand for more application-specific chips increasing, the EDA community is relying on ML techniques. ML was discussed at the silicon level, where the industry is looking forward to developing more and more ML and neural networking processors and also discussed about using ML to optimize various aspects of the life cycle of semiconductor engineering.

Many technical presentations and tech talks also covered the ML, There were panels to discuss how ML and AI could be used in design verification and implementation domains. 

Security verification was one of the key topic for which I was given opportunity to chair the session. Great presentation from different companies and university. Session topic was "New Developments in security verification and controlling unpredictable behavior" For details on this session click here & here

Intel had Intel Foundry service booth at DAC too! Intel Foundry Services (IFS), have been engaging deeply with automotive OEMs to understand their foundry needs and how they can help support increasing demand and the industry’s transition to more compute-intensive applications. Intel Foundry Services (IFS) has also launched the Cloud Alliance, the newest addition to IFS Accelerator ecosystem. Through this alliance with key cloud providers and experts in electronic design automation EDA, Intel will ensure that manufacturing customers have a more secure and more efficient process to bring their products to life. Some pictures from IFS booth at Intel

Hon'ble Minister of Industries, Tamil Nadu, India. Mr. Thiru Thangam Thennarasu held a meeting with Dr. Randhir Thakur, President, Intel Foundry Services and discussed the opportunities in the emerging semiconductor segment.
Intel had great present at DAC, Bob Brennan, VP, GM, Intel Foundry Services, Customer Solutions Engineering had great presentation at Tech Talk DAC pavilion on "Open Architectures to Accelerate Industry Growth" Mr. Rahul Goyal, VP, VP, GM Intel Foundry Services was invited and participated in two successful event, DAC panel to discuss on important topic "Create Robust EDA & IP Ecosystems to strengthen the global semiconductor supply chain" and second one was Ansys Gold couch event, 1:1 interview with John Lee, GM and VP Ansys! Overall Great DAC2022!

I also got an opportunity to meet industry experts, share and learn lot of exciting stuffs from them. Best part of the DAC this year from networking was to got and opportunity to meet very well known experts in semiconductor industry, Mr Shiv Tasker, Global Vice President, Semiconductor at Capgemini, Mr. Nitin Dahad, Editor in Chief of and corespondent for EETimes and my good friend Mr. Shankar Hemmady, Director at Intel Foundry Services. We had great chat at 39th floor at Marriot San Francisco. What a great meeting and conversation. Photo from our meet at Marriot, San Francisco. I like Nitin's post on LinkedIn, Click on the link to see what Nitin has to say about our meeting :) "Influencers at Design Automation Conference at the top of their game and on top of the world"

DAC is a place to meet your former colleagues. I had a great time catching up with them. It was also great to meet many engineers, customers, partners and industry experts. DAC also had interesting posters from young engineers from academic which was assuring that industry continue to evolve in safe hands. At DAC, I also met vendors! The vendors at their respective booths showed their new tools flows and methodologies (TFM), attracting audiences with their presentations, supporting talks, quizzes with some fun time and goodies :)

Thank you, DAC! Thanks to all DAC committee members, organizer, sponsorers, contributors, partners and audience who participated to make this DAC a success ! Already waiting for DAC2023! 


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