Future of 5G looks bright!

Dear Readers,

Hope everyone are doing great, staying safe and healthy in this challenging time! The whole world these days are covered with unexpected challenge, we are all in this together and will come out from this together. We are strong together. First of all I would like to express Thanks from bottom of my heart to all the Doctors, Nurses and medical staffs, Paramedics, Police officers, Home care workers, grocery store personnel, Delivery people, transit workers, Airline worker and anyone who works with the public and making everyone's life moving.

We all understand the typical and challenging situation around and we are together fighting strongly against and will come out from this too! We are together moving ahead with the new technologies like, IoT, Automotive, Artificial Intelligence, 5G networking, WiFi-6, Robotics, Health Care, Smart Cities, Connected Cars and many more technologies and applications. These days pretty much everything is very well accessed and in our palm through smart phones, internet and with 4G, LTE and 5G technology.

As 5G technologies have been continuously evolving, it will certainly change the way we spend our lives, our communications will be faster than you can imagine, When you imagine a future powered by 5G, connected factory devices that “talk” to each other, mobile internet-connected to multiple devices at the same time, different vehicles communicating with the roads they travel on, and accessibility of information at unprecedented speeds will come to mind.

Lot of companies are actively and aggressively working towards making 5G technology available for the world to connect quicker and faster. Once 5G is fully operational, there will no need for any kind of cable or wire to deliver entertainment or communications service to your mobile device, some companies have successfully introduced 5G-capable handsets, it might require more time for the proper availability of 5G. But it is expected that the maximum number of 5G connections would exist in the years to come. 5G is the future!! 

ASIC With Ankit