ASIC-FPGA Design Verification: Running Short of Business or Resource?

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As we all know the semiconductor market looks good now days and lots of companies are hiring talents for 2013-14 projection. If we keep this projection in mind, we could say there would be a business for the companies for upcoming years. Now, the billion dollar question: ‘how about the resources’?

We have been observing from last few months that companies are struggling in finding good experienced/skilled resources. Usually product/service companies are playing with smart approach of having hierarchical engineering model where there are few junior/college graduates engineers working under guidance of one senior/Lead engineer. Approach looks smart and efficient to utilize resources appropriately and makes engineering execution cost effective too! At the same time executive and managers always thinks on cost effective and efficient engineering model to fulfill dynamic time to market! Many companies are working with different approach to utilize and manage engineering resources efficiently.

There are cases or project specific critical requirements where you don’t have time to train your junior resources, in this type of requirement; you cannot take a chance of using junior level resource, if you do so, you might lose the schedule, budget and at the end market which is very important! There could be a requirement where you don’t need all your skilled resources to work on. For this type of requirement you can create a hierarchical approach of your engineering model to use the skillset efficiently. (This is where the engineering management comes in picture, Managers; Executives have to take efficient decisions to move forward in this type of situation otherwise in long go, you could see impact on quality and customer)

Now a day, most requirements and needs from the product based companies are for senior engineers, considering the critical project requirement and quick execution to make the products ahead in the market. Companies are feeling shortage of skilled resources. At the same time people don’t move easily! Question here is; Does this create shortage of experienced skillsets?

When market is in good shape, revenue and financial graph is growing mostly all the companies are in need of skilled man power and that’s where competition comes in picture for companies and engineers too! There can be different type of situations where market is not in good shape and companies are struggling to get the business. In these types of situation Smart companies usually starts investing in engineering man power to develop the skillsets keeping projection in mind, by the time skilled requirement comes, company already have skilled/trained resources ready to jump in to!

There can be other type of situation where market might or might not be in good shape. Irrespective of market Situations Company sometime announces on ‘restructuring the engineering force’ which means company directly or indirectly fires engineers as a part re-structuring. Mostly this situation comes because of shortage of business for company (particular business division of company).

These types of situations are still debatable and require dynamic changes based on the market, need, requirements etc… But still the question remains same at any point of time ‘Are Companies Running Short Of Business or Short Of Resource?

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