Is VHDL is gearing up with new methodology called OS VVM??

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Recently Aldec, Inc has announced in collaboration with SynthWork Design, Inc on Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OS-VVM) !! Isn't it interesting !!!

From last couple of years experts have been coming up with lots of new methodology, I have heared about RVM, VMM, OVM, UVM, AVM now its VVM.....!!!!

The way methodology are coming up in market, it indirectly forcing engineers to get ready themselves with up to date with new methodologies !! Companies might accept any available methodology based on their need and other so many factors !! Having knowledge of such methodology definitely helps individuals to jump in to any time !!

Now coming back to VHDL methodology, it seems companies are trying to keep alive the VHDL world !! From last couple of years it has been noted that new language standards such as System Verilog, System C has captured market so quickly and leaving VHDL Designers with dilemma of learning a new languages !!

It seems VHDL methodology is a try to keep alive VHDL world and engineers ! This may open a hope for VHDL Engineers for upcoming new opportunities with VHDL. Now that it is an announcement of openly available methodology, let's see how it goes and how it get success to capture market or companies confidence !!

I haven't started reading these methodology but I am damn sure System Verilog with its methodology would be definitely better than this one at least for verification !! Still I would love to read VVM for VHDL to understand what are the new features they have added for users !!

They said, VVM provides access to advance randomization and functional-coverage capabilities that can be used in any test bench !! I am eagerly waiting to read this methodology to know how they are providing these features with VHDL !!

Don't you think its interesting !!

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Jim Lewis said...

Hi Ankit,
To help you with your reading, you can get the packages and their user guides at:


Ankit Gopani said...

Thanks Jim,

Thanks for the info, will do it for sure.

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