System Verilog Syntax highlighting for power point

Dear Readers,

Wouldn't it be great if we could colorize the code? would not it be a great if we could save .vim file in to .html with colors?

Many people migh know that we can store our current butter in .vim file with color and save it with the .html extension. If you still dont know how to do that, please do this: Run the following command in a syntax highlighted buffer:

:runtime! syntax/2html.vim

After typing this command, you’ll get a split window with your source in HTML. You can now save it to a file. This command saves the current buffer with a .html extension. Now you can open that extension in your favorite browser and you can copy the colorized text directly into PowerPoint!

Hope this is useful information.

Happy Learning,
ASIC With Ankit


Jay Panchal said...

This one is awesome, Ankit... Keep it up.

Ankit Gopani said...

Hey Jay,

Thanks dude.. This will be really useful while making powerpoint presentation...! Vim is really amaizing...!:-) Right ??