Seminar at NMG Polytechnic (ASIC with Ankit)

After a long time I got chance to represent myself as an presenter of technology in front of engineering students. As I have been in this field from more than 3 years I was exited to share my experience and importance of technology to the engineering students.

As I have finished my Diploma Engineering from N.M.G.P Institute (An ISO 9001:2000 certified), Kanara, Ranpur, I was planing to share my experience on technology in front of NMGP students and that's what I did in last week. It was thursday 2nd April when I suppose to go to NMGP for seminar on 'VLSI' and 'Importance of individual EC subjects in field or industries'.

I went there (NMGP) thursday morning with my power point presentation on my Lappy. As seminar timing was around 11:00 am, I had a time to visit NMGP building and recalled my old memories. I spent some time with old staff members and respected lectures who are still working with NMGP. At 11:00 am Seminar hall was ready with projector and my laptop setup. Students were also ready, taken their place and waiting for my presence on the stage with excitement !! I was too excited since it was my first presentation in front of 100s of engineering student !

I have started my presentation in front of EC engineering students and Sr/Jr Staff members (Lectures) of EC department. Agenda of that seminar was to give overview of VLSI technology and Importance of Digital Electronics in Industries. The goal was to create some interest for students on Digital fundamentals keeping in mind the industries requirement and technology growth !

Dear Readers,

Here I would like to share my some experience on my first seminar given to the polytechnic collage where I did my Diploma studies.

I was a student of the this polytechnic and I know most of the student's goal is to get good marks in the examination. But what I realized at this point is apart from mark there are something which each students should understand which is more important when you go for Job.

I explained the importance of Digital electronics in Chip Design and Verification. I have also explained latest VLSI Chip Technology with Transistor fundamentals by some examples and snap shots of some Chips. With this presentation I was trying to create self inspiration and motivation for engineering students. What I believe is "If you do things with your interest, things will be very easy and you can do it with smooth way".

Most interesting stuff of the seminar was two technology on which I worked in my past 1. USB OTG (USB On The Go) and 2. eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) Card IP (Intellectual Property) Verification. I have explained the application of those two technology and it was really interesting for students because they didn't know about these. I was glad after sharing this technology to students. Thanks to all those students who attended my session. It was full of excitement with lots of basic question answers session with students !

I hope with my efforts of presentation, some students might have started improving interest on engineering subjects, skills etc.... I have been receiving a many questions from students and answering their questions which could help them move ahead with their career. I would eagerly waiting to see somebody as an ASIC Engineer after some year down the road.

Thanks to NMGP Management, Sr/Jr Staff Members, Lecturers and students for their support and co-ordinations.

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ASIC with Ankit


JD said...

Great buddy ... Keep it up .. and me too is requesting to upload presentation .. Video cuold have beeen best, but I know you have forgotten to do that :-) ..

Jay Panchal said...

Good work.... We are proud of you. Just keep doing that. I would also like to get a copy of your presentation !!!

Ankit Gopani said...

Hey JD,
I will upload it soon and will let you know dude.

Ankit Gopani said...

Hey Jay,
Thanks buddy and sure will keep doing it. I will plan to arrange one more seminar on my next trip to Gujarat. So soon you will see one more seminar