USB 3.0 : 27GB data transfe can hapens in 70 seconds...

I am a great fan of USB 3.0, so my views are biased. I just don’t want the critics beating up USB because they expected.
The USB 3.0 Promoters are targeting a 350 Megabytes per second effective throughput for USB 3.0. This is 10x faster than the effective throughput of USB 2.0 (about 32 Megabytes per second).

The actual signalling rate of USB 3.0 is actually higher, something like 600 Megabytes per second, however, because of the protocol overhead, hardware, device, operating system, and driver latencies, the effective throughput lower. This is true of all devices you and I own today, not just USB. It is the reason why USB 2.0 goes at 350 Megabits per second of effective throughput instead of 480 Megabits per second (again the electrical signalling rate). Of course, the USB 3.0 Promoters are doing everything they can to minimize this.

What would be the first Consumer product with USB3.0?
I know what the first USB 3.0 Consumer Products should be.

The Digital Camcorder.
The Camcorder will have a hard drive (like a laptop drive) and will likely shoot high definition. It will have a 80 GB drive minimum, and will sell for $800-$1000. This targets the Prosumer market, the people that are used to paying $800 or more for a camcorder. They are serious enough that, today, these people already either use tapes and take the 1 hour to transfer and another 1 hour to convert these to an MPEG file. Or they do nothing and accumulate the tapes.

With USB 3.0, you will be able to transfer 27GB of data in about 70 seconds.

This makes a new business viable. For example, for digital still cameras, at CostCo or other places, you can plug in you photo memory card, and print pictures. If you want to print all, the process is less than 3 minutes of transfer and checkout. Then you just shop and pick up your photos after you check-out. This is not viable with todays tapes or USB 2.0 speeds.
With Super Speed USB, you will be able to drop off your camera with the attendant, pick you DVD menu, and when you check out you will have a DVD (or Blu-Ray Disk) with your videos. This makes shooting video much, much more compelling that today’s process.

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JD said...

You know one thing, because of what USB 3.0 is this much faster ?? It is because of PCI Express PHY use in USB 3.0 ... Yes, you got it correctly. USB 3.0 is going to have PHY similar to PCI Express ..